Aroma Diffuser 100ml

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Water, a few drops of natural essential oil and a plug socket: that’s all you need to make sure every corner of your home smells fresh. By adding more or fewer drops, you can determine whether you want an intense or subtler scent. 

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As soon as you switch on the diffuser, it silently produces a fragrant white, dry and cold mist. The water doesn't need to warm up, as it is immediately diffused by means of ultrasonic waves. This offers a whole range of benefits. Because no hot water or candles are required, it's safer for children and pets. The quality of the essential oil is also better preserved when it isn't heated up. Because no burning takes place in the house, the air also remains clean. The subtle mist that comes from the diffuser greets visitors in an original way. Thanks to the warm white light of the LED bulbs, you can also have an energy-saving atmospheric light in your home!

You can fill the diffuser up again and again with your favourite fragrance. Because fragrances are very personal, you won't find a bottle of essential oil in this box. We prefer to leave the decision to you. For every mood and every place in the home, there’s always an essential oil. In the smallest room of the house or in the kitchen you want to banish unpleasant smells, while in the bedroom you want to create a relaxing atmosphere and in your living room a welcoming one. Choose between the various extra pure essential oils or let a RainPharma specialist advise you.
He or she will also tell you more about the specific qualities of each essential oil. For example, lavender is calming, and lemongrass has an invigorating effect. 

Depending on the number of drops of essential oil used, this diffuser (100ml) is suitable for rooms of up to 25 m2. For three hours it will diffuse a pleasant aroma, then you will need to refill it again.

CNK 3483-054

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