Caffè Latte

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A tasty protein-rich snack with the flavour of milky coffee.

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FunctionProtein shakes
How to useDissolve 1 measuring spoon in 250 ml water. If one does not follow a slimming diet, vegetable milk is also allowed. Shake well and drink immediately. Not heat up nor freezing.
Number of doses17 / 510 gram
FrequencyYou can replace breakfast and lunch or dinner by a RainShake.
CautionKeep out of reach of children. Children and pregnant or breast-feeding women should consult their doctor before taking this supplement.
PreservationStore in a dry, cool place.
Production & developmentBelgium
Cruelty freeYes
Suitable for vegansNo
Suitable for vegetariansYes
% preservatives0%
AllergensMilk, soybeans
Best beforeMore than 6 months

Think twice before you place an order online. There might be a dealer nearby where you can pick up the product yourself. This is not only better for the environment, you also support local trade and get personal advice from a specialist. Find a list of our retailers here.

RainPharma shakes are the best-quality protein shakes available. All are free from gluten, casein and artificial colourants. Products contain no polyols or preservatives. All proteins are the very best quality and purity and free of additives and fillers. Produced in Belgium.

RainPharma shakes are gentle for the digestive system, free from gluten, casein, aspartame and artificial colouring agents.

During a diet
Talk to your RainPharma dietician or a nutritional consultant. The RainPharma diet relies on RainShakes in combination with a healthy diet. Your RainPharma dietician or a nutritional consultant can help you determine the right way to proceed with the programme for the most efficient weight loss plan.

For healthy skin
Skin consists of proteins, and by carefully balancing your consumption of protein you can achieve a dramatic improvement in skin quality and anti-aging effects. This does not mean simply eating more protein. Talk to your RainPharma specialist to find out more.

For weight maintenance or healthy weight loss
A RainShake can be a healthy alternative for an afternoon or evening meal. Ask your RainPharma specialist about RainPharma’s Smart Nutrition Project.

For people with particular dietary requirements
Depending on their nutritional habits, athletes, vegetarians and the elderly can develop a deficiency or sub-optimal protein intake range. This can be corrected by adjusting eating habits or supplementing with RainShakes. Discuss your situation with your RainPharma specialist.

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CNK 3283-561

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